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E-Waste Collection & Disposal Service for the New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area & Every County in New Jersey

Disposing of your business’s retired, broken & obsolete hardware the right way!

Newtech Corporate Electronics Recycling is a State regulated E-Waste disposal and recycling service provider. It has been created especially for the New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, LI, CT and PA) business community. To get the most up-to-date prices either phone us or for a quick on-line quote simply use our below cost calculator:


State Regulated Removal, Disposal & Recycling of All Business ICT Hardware

Ewaste Recycling New York Metropolitan Tri State Area NY NJ CT PA Electronic Waste Recycling for New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA).

New Jersey

ICT & E-Waste Recycling P.A.


New York

ICT & E-Waste Recycling P.A.



ICT & E-Waste Recycling P.A.



ICT & E-Waste Recycling C.T.


Tri-State Area

ICT Disposal & E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste Disposal New Jersey

Get an Online Estimate Right Now!
What Have You Got? Choose from the below by adding the number of units in the quantity box. When finished move down and select what type of collection service you require.

Computer Screens and PC Monitor Recycling PC Disposal for Office Computers Pick Up Trash Copier and Printer Where to dispose of Business IT hardware in New Jersey E-Waste NJ Equipment and Machinery Disposal
Disposing of Monitors & Screens Disposing of Business Computers Disposing of Printing & Copying Equipment Disposing of IT & Network Hardware Disposing of Office Electronics Disposing of Equipment & Machinery
  LCD Monitor or Flatscreen Computer Screens
  CRT Monitor or Tube Computer Screens
  Flatscreen TV Sets
  CRT TV Sets (Tube)
  Dumb Terminal
  CCTV Monitors
  Office PC, Workstation & Desktop Computers
  Servers & Mainframes
  Laptops & Notebook computers
  Apple Mac Computers
  Tablet Computers (iPads) & Palmtop Computers 
  Smartbooks, PDAs & Computer consoles
  Laser & Inkjet Office Printers
  All Other Computer Printers
  Fax Machines & Dual Fax Printer
  Office Scanner
  Empty Toner & Cartridges
  Computer, USB & Network Cables & Electrical Leads
  External Hard Drives & Memory Storage 
  Data Racks, Server Racks & Server Cabinets
  UPS Solutions
  Modems, Routers Switch, Bridges & Hub
  Proxy Servers & Firewall Hardware
  Cell Phones & Office Phones
  Office Projectors
  Telephone Exchanges & Comms Systems
  Lights & Lighting
  Audio & Visual Equipment
  Transformers & Electrical Equipment  
  Laboratory Equipment
  Manufacturing Machinery 
  Communications Hardware
  Industrial Machinery  
  Manufacturing E-Waste

Priority Collection

- Get your E-Waste collected now



If you want your E-Waste collected sooner our “Priority Collection” service is the choice for you.  We have a fleet of trucks and vans that offer a fast, flexible and affordable option for businesses that want their E-Waste picked-up and disposed of.  

Ewaste Collection
ewaste-recycling   Arrange to Have Your E-Waste Collected or Dropped Off at Our NJ Recycling Facility

We collect from every business, in every county, in New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA). Select one of the three choices below and opposite by clicking on its SELECT button.


The Milk Run Collection

- Have your E-Waste collected in a few weeks from now



If you are not in a hurry, you can always choose our “Milk Run” collection option.  The idea is simple, your E-Waste collection truck is shared with other clients in your area.  Sharing a truck makes it a lot cheaper and you usually only have to wait a few weeks.

Free Ewaste Pickup

Drop Off Your E-Waste

- Special Promotion: PC’s, Laptops & Servers Recycled FREE



You are more than welcome to ship your own E-Waste directly to our recycling center in Somerset, NJ.  If you choose this option we will contact you to schedule a drop off time. 

Free Ewaste Collection
Hard Drive and E-Waste Disposal Declaration

Ensure your old hard drives have no retrievable data! Not only do we provide legal reassurance that your E-Waste has been disposed of correctly, we also offer one of the most advanced data destruction services in New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA). If you have hard drives that you want destroying please select from the below options:

Hard Disk Drive Disposal

Number of cell phones


Please wipe all cell phone data


Number of internal computer hard drives


Number of external hard drives


Please software wipe all hard drive data


Please destroy all hard disk drives with an EMP


Please shred all hard drives


Please software wipe, EMP sterilize and shred all hard drives (all three)


I want all our business’s E-Waste disposed of in accordance with State and EPA laws.


I will require an accreditation receipt issued by Newtech Recycling proving that our business E-Waste has been disposed of legally within the recycling laws of New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA).

Hard Disk Drive Disposal
Recycling & Reporting

Almost There! Please select from any of the below reporting options and we will add them to your estimation. You can choose as many or as few as you like:


Your Business’s Reporting Requirements:


1. We require a full hard drive audit that confirms each drive (identified by serial number) has been removed and destroyed.


2. We require a serialized inventory report confirming all our E-Waste has been processed.


3. We have no special reporting needs.

E-Waste Accreditation & Support

This is the final step in getting your on-line E-Waste recycling estimate. Both Company & IT manger recycling certificates are FREE. If you want the certificates framed there is an additional charge of $29.99 each, which includes frame, postage and packaging.


Your Business’s Reporting Requirements:


I just require the business certificate (no frame needed)

I require the business & IT manager certificates (no frame needed)

Please frame the business certificate

Please frame the IT manager certificates

Who would you like your estimate e-mailed to? Please enter contact info below:

Company Name    State
Contact Name   ZIP Code
Contact E-mail   Telephone Number
1st Line of Address   Any Message For Us
*The above certificate design may not
be reflective of the current E-Waste certifcates.
Small Amount of ICT Hardware
A Few E-Waste Items Around the Office
Small Amount of E-Waste
Medium Amount of E-Waste
Disposing of 50 to 100 E-Waste Items
Medium Amount of E-Waste
Large Amount of ICT Hardware
Recycling 100 to 200 E-Waste Items
Large Amount of E-Waste
Old Corporate I.T. Hardware
End of Life Large Scale Asset Retirement
Corporate IT Asset Disposal
E-Waste Collection
Tri-State E-Waste Removal Service
We Collect it
E-Waste Pick Ups Anywhere in NJ
E-Waste Disposal
Demanufacturing Old Electronics
We Disassemble It
The Securest Option
Recycling ICT Hardware
Landfill Free Computer Disposal
We Recycle 99%
State Regulated Disposal
E-Waste Accredited
We Accredit You
E-Waste Management Certified
Accepted Materials
E-Waste Recycled
We Take All This
Electrical Equipment & PC's
Hard Drive Disposal
Wipe, EMP Sterilize & Shredding
HDD Wipe & Shredding
Hard Disk Drive Data Destruction
Discount Options
Special Treatment for Businesses
We Offer Annual Discount Cards
Making It Easy
Helping All Sizes of Business
Promotions & Offers
For Businesses In NJ

Corporate Social Responsibility Gained From Leading Edge Electronics Disposal & Recycling - Landfill Free IT Disposal.

Technological advancement has just become ecologically sustainable


Ewaste Certification for IT Managers & Businesses in the New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA) USA

Accreditation that proves you & your business have recycled in accordance with State E-Waste laws.

Our corporate electronics recycling program manages every type & size of E-Waste. We also offer data destruction for all hard drive and data storage hardware. Equally as important we provide E-Waste disposal certification, which proves you have acted in accordance with State E-Waste management laws.

e-waste nj
Movie About E-Waste Recycling ICT Hardware Disposal and Hard Drive Shredding
Office Computer and Server Disposal with Hard Drive Shredding

Thinking of recycling, donating, reselling or redeploying your offices old PC’s, Laptops and Servers? Wondering how to permanently delete files on the hard drive? Here’s how:

We Purge Hard Drives, EMP Blast the Disk, Then Shred & Melt the Drive!
It's the Securest Computer Recycling
Hard Drive Data Destruction Service in the New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area
(NY, NJ, CT and PA).

Disposing of PC’s Laptops & Servers? Worried About Data Security? DON’T BE!

Call Today: 732 564 3110
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