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E-Waste Certificates and Accreditations

Your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Just Went Global

Electronic waste is a global concern; we have all seen the dreadful reports of U.S. E-Waste, which has been irresponsibly dumped in third world countries. These toxic dumps of discarded electrical equipment and computers have contributed to serious health related issues and suffering. Making the right choice starts here in New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA) and has a positive effect globally. If you have disposed of your hardware and computers using Newtech then you have earned the right to show the world that “you recycle responsibly”!




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What Does E-Waste Accreditation Stand For?

Corporate Social Responsibility.

In essence your E-Waste certificate stands as recognition for your management of both environmental and sustainability issues. It’s not just about cutting out pollution by recycling; you are also creating local jobs and reclaiming metals, glass and plastics. In one swoop you are saving the planet, helping local economy and removing U.S. dependency on raw materials sourced from other countries. Display your E-Waste accreditation with pride, it’s not just your legal right it’s your entitlement.

Being able to show to your clients and suppliers, that your business acts responsibly when it comes to dealing with your E-Waste holds many benefits.  Not least of all, in the fact that you are a reputable organization.  However, one of the most important factors in displaying your E-Waste certification is in demonstrating that your business is up-to-date with the New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA) laws and legislations about recycling office electronic waste.


Certification Support Pack

Accreditation, usage and display.

When you use the Newtech Corporate Electronics Recycling program for disposing of your business E-Waste you will receive a support pack via e-mail and your certificates via post.  The certificates can be provided in frames for an additional fee (call our support center on: 732 564 3110 for the price).   Your support pack contains the E-Waste accredited logos and instruction on how and where they can be used.  The support pack will also include your certification number and access to a copy of your certificate on-line at NJ-Ewaste.org.

Most businesses show their accreditation logo at the foot of their web pages and link it to their certificate as concrete proof.  As you can see from the below graphic there are 15 logo variations that you can use.  These logos are provided in PDF, JPEG, GIF and PNG formats, each will be e-mailed to you with your personal certification number as part of your support pack.  Should you misplace these graphics please call customer support and arrange to have duplicates sent out to you.

Specimen of E-waste Disposal Document

Paper Certification

Holding the certificate

A business and IT manager will be issued with one paper certificate each.  It is possible to purchase a replacement certificate or duplicate certificates for safe keeping.  However, you will have an electronic certificate held on NJ-Ewaste.org should you require proof of certification.  Any electronic certificate that is not displayed on NJ-Ewaste.org is invalid and will not be supported by Newtech.

Your paper certificate can be used for public display; most clients show theirs in reception areas or in their office.  However, we have been asked to laminate certificates for display in industrial and storage areas.  Should you have any special requirements such as lamination or framing please call our support center on: 732 564 3110, we will do our best to help.

We do not offer IT manager certification if recycling under 25 items, however, there are exceptions, again please call for more information. The below certificate is an example of an E-Waste certificate issued by Newtech Corporate Electronics Recycling, the certificate you receive may differ in appearance.


For Display On-Line

Showing your E-Waste certificate on official websites and social media sites.

Whether you’re a small one man company or a big bustling enterprise in the metropolis, when it comes to disposing of your E-Waste correctly you are fighting and winning a global battle. In recognition of using a State approved recycling and E-Waste disposal specialist Newtech will award you with certifications and accreditation for you to display in receptions, offices, on your websites, social media platforms, stationary, brochures and promotional material.

Your certificate (e.g. the below certificate) is accessible for display on-line as a digital copy, providing it is viewed from NJ-Ewaste.org as this verifies authenticity. If you are using any of your accreditation logos on-line they must link to your digital certificate again to verify authenticity. The use of your E-Waste accreditation in social media sites e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn is not restricted provided you have a genuine link from that logo to a certificate that you have been accredited with.

Specimen of E-waste Disposal Document

Get Your FREE E-Waste Certification Media Pack


If you would like a copy of our FREE media pack which explains more about E-Waste certification, how it can be used to help your business and career, you can order one below. It will be e-mailed to you as a PDF brochure (only available in English at this current time) within the next 24 hours.  Your contact details will not be used for spam e-mails or shared with any other party.     

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If you have found this web page using one of the below questions then we can help, please call us today:

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