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STEP 5 - E-Waste Accreditation & Support

The final step in getting your on-line E-Waste recycling estimate - THANK YOU.

Both Company & IT manger recycling certificates are FREE. If you want the certificates framed there is an additional charge of $29.99 each, which includes frame, postage and packaging.


State Regulated Removal, Disposal & Recycling of All Business ICT Hardware

Ewaste Recycling New York Metropolitan Tri State Area NY NJ CT PA Electronic Waste Recycling for New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA).

New Jersey

ICT & E-Waste Recycling P.A.


New York

ICT & E-Waste Recycling P.A.



ICT & E-Waste Recycling P.A.



ICT & E-Waste Recycling C.T.


Tri-State Area

ICT Disposal & E-Waste Recycling


Your Business’s Reporting Requirements:


I just require the business certificate (no frame needed)

I require the business & IT manager certificates (no frame needed)

Please frame the business certificate Please frame the IT manager certificates

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Business Certificate & Support.

After sales support for NJ businesses

In case you are required to prove you have recycled correctly please note your recycling certificate number is used to reference the assets you disposed of with us. In the event you lose your certificate a duplicate will be held for you on-line.

Your business will have been e-mailed a link to your certificate along with an E-Waste accredited graphic for your website that can be used to link to your certificate.  If you have lost your graphic or the on-line reference to your E-Waste certificate please call our business and recycling support team on: 732 564 3110

Being accredited as a business that recycles its waste electronics and unwanted ICT Hardware is a positive statement about your business’s corporate social sustainability policies.  Many of our clients order duplicate, framed copies of their certificates for display in foyers and reception areas.  If you require framed duplications of your E-Waste certification or just more copies that you will frame yourself please let us know; we are here to be of service.


The IT Manager Certificate.

Using your E-Waste certificate in job interviews.

Many employers look on asset management of E-Waste as a requisite of an IT manager’s job.  If you have been asked to show your E-Waste recycling certificate in a job interview and you are unable to locate the original please note a copy of your accreditation is available on-line.  However, Newtech only commits to holding your duplicate for a period no greater than 12 months, unless your business’s web site is linking to the business certificate.  In this event your IT manager E-Waste certificate will be held on-line until otherwise specified by Newtech Recycling Inc.

Should a governing body such as EPA require proof of your certification we are willing to help, however, please be advised we do not assist employment or employee based enquires beyond providing an on-line record and duplicate of your certification.

If you are an IT manager based in New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA) we wish to thank you for making the effort to recycle E-Waste responsibly.  You are making a difference.

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