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STEP 3 - Hard Drive and E-Waste Disposal Declaration

Ensure your old hard drives have no retrievable data and your business is protected against state prosecution.

It is illegal to dispose of old computers, printers and all other E-Waste with your regular trash. Your business’s E-Waste must be disposed of by a State regulated recycling facility such as ours. Not only do we provide legal reassurance that your E-Waste has been disposed of correctly, we also offer one of the most advanced data destruction services in New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA). Please select from the below options:


State Regulated Removal, Disposal & Recycling of All Business ICT Hardware

Ewaste Recycling New York Metropolitan Tri State Area NY NJ CT PA Electronic Waste Recycling for New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA).

Step 1

What E-Waste Do You Have?


Step 2

Collection or Drop Off?


Step 3

Disposal Including Hard Drives?


Step 4

Recycling & Reporting


Step 5

Accreditation & Support

Hard Disk Drive Disposal

Number of cell phones


Please wipe all cell phone data


Number of internal computer hard drives


Number of external hard drives


Please software wipe all hard drive data


Please destroy all hard disk drives with an EMP


Please shred all hard drives


Please software wipe, EMP sterilize and shred all hard drives (all three)


I want all our business’s E-Waste disposed of in accordance with State and EPA laws.


I will require an accreditation receipt issued by Newtech Recycling proving that our business E-Waste has been disposed of legally within the recycling laws of New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA).

Hard Disk Drive Disposal
Office Computer and Server Disposal with Hard Drive Shredding

Thinking of recycling, donating, reselling or redeploying your offices old PC’s, Laptops and Servers?

Hard Drives are Purged, Blasted with an EMP, Shredded & Melted!
It's the Securest Computer Recycling
Hard Drive Data Destruction Service in the New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area
(NY, NJ, CT and PA).

Hard Drive Recycling Hard Drive Recycling

State E-Waste Recycling Laws

Improper discarding of electronics, such as dismantling without proper controls, or simply tossing the materials in the trash can expose hazardous chemical compounds known to negatively effect human and environmental health. That is why the New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA) Department of Environmental Protection signed the Electronic Waste Recycling Act making improper disposal an illegal offence.

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