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Manufacturing Equipment Collection, Disposal & Recycling Services

Newtech Corporate Electronics Recycling – 1st in Manufacturing Equipment Disposal

The Newtech Corporate Electronics Manufacturing Equipment Recycling program is leading the way in the most ecologically friendly and data secure E-Waste disposal methods deployed in the world today. This manufacturing hardware E-Waste management service is offered to all businesses in NJ, NY, PA, CT. Manufacturing Equipment can be removed from your location by us or you can arrange a time to bring your E-Waste to us. The disposal of old manufacturing equipment is primarily achieved through a process that offers long-term sustainability benefits to both the economy and the environment.


State Regulated Removal, Disposal & Recycling of All Business ICT Hardware

Ewaste Recycling New York Metropolitan Tri State Area NY NJ CT PA Electronic Waste Recycling for New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA).

New Jersey

ICT & E-Waste Recycling P.A.


New York

ICT & E-Waste Recycling P.A.



ICT & E-Waste Recycling P.A.



ICT & E-Waste Recycling C.T.


Tri-State Area

ICT Disposal & E-Waste Recycling

Retiring Old Manufacturing Equipment & Hardware

Newtech Recycling is a State approved manufacturing hardware recycler, with full R2 and ISO14001 accreditation. This Sate approved electronics waste (E-Waste) removal and recycling service covers the entire solution for manufacturing hardware disposal. For more information please CLICK HERE.

  Recycling for Reuse

Recycling the materials for reuse in new products is simply the safest, securest and most ecologically friendly way to dispose of manufacturing equipment.

E-Waste accreditation is issued to prove your business disposed of its old manufacturing equipment legally. For info CLICK HERE.

   E-Waste Accreditation


  E-Waste Collection or Drop-off Options

Manufacturing Equipment collections and drop-off need to be arranged in advance by calling 732 564 3110. We are only able to remove manufacturing equipment from a business address. We do not collect manufacturing equipment from residential locations. For more Info. CLICK HERE.


disposing of Manufacturing hardware
Where to dispose of Manufacturing hardware
The recycling process for manufacturing equipment starts with disassembly. This process is referred to as demanufacturing. Disposing of manufacturing hardware via a demanufacturing process will result in higher levels of materials reclamation. In some cases, it’s possible to recycle 98% of materials in manufacturing equipment. If the hardware contains hard drives they will have their memory wiped, blasted with an EMP and shredding. For more info CLICK HERE.
Permanently wiping the data from Manufacturing hardware hard disk drives

  Hard Disk Drive Wipe & Destruction

garbage collection for MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT

Manufacturing Equipment Collections & Drop-offs

Manufacturing E-Waste Disposal NJ

To arrange a collection time, or to talk about aspects of the removal please call our customer support line: 732 564 3110.

The Newtech Corporate Electronics Recycling collection service has two divisions: 1. ‘priority E-Waste collection service’; which is designed for clients with large items or large quantities of E-Waste this is ready to be collected. 2. ‘E-Waste removal service’; which is for customers who need help dismantling or moving E-Waste to a collection area within your premises. E-Waste collection and removal is offered to businesses in New Jersey & the New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area.

garbage collection and disposal of old MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT

Manufacturing Equipment Demanufacturing Process

Manufacturing E-Waste Recycling in
New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA)

Demanufacturing manufacturing equipment is a time-consuming process, it starts with an actual person unscrewing and taking apart each part of the manufacturing hardware .

Every component of the manufacturing hardware is separated and sorted into plastics, metals and glass, which can all be recycled. Recycling manufacturing hardware doesn’t end up in a landfill site.

computer memory wipe

Hard Disk Drive Destruction

Manufacturing Equipment
Hard Drive Secure Disposal

Old manufacturing equipment may contain memory storage devices or hard disk drives. To ensure files, folders and any data on these drives and devices is permanently deleted, the following hard drive sterilization service is offered:

1. Military grade hard drive data purge.
2. The hard drive is blasted with an EMP.
3. The hard drive is shredded and melted.

Files, folders, documents and data can never be retrieved again. Every multinational, pharmaceutical, legal and accounting firm in the Tri State Area uses this service, for good reason. Contact us for help and more information.

ewaste business certification

E-Waste Accreditation

For Manufacturing Equipment Recycling

There are two types of E-Waste accreditation, both of which act as your record of proof that you have recycled your business’s electronics correctly and legally. The first type of E-Waste accreditation protects your business from prosecution. The second certificate protects the individual in charge of disposal (usually a CIO or IT manager). New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area (NY, NJ, CT and PA) E-Waste recycling laws are there to protect our environment from unnecessary pollution caused by dumping electronics illegally.

If requested Newtech will issue E-Waste certification with web enabled logos that can be added to the company website or LinkedIn page. For more information please CLICK HERE.

Recycling Ewaste Manufacturing Hardware

Recycling Manufacturing Equipment for Reuse

Corporate Sustainability in NJ, NY, PA, CT

The science behind recycling manufacturing equipment has advanced beyond recognition. It’s possible to reclaim lead out of monitors, metal from cables, reuse plastics and even reclaim the metals from a motherboard.

When your business uses the Newtech Corporate Electronics Recycling Program it is ticking all the right boxes. Firstly, your firm is protecting itself against State prosecution, secondly, you are saving the planet and finally, you are contributing to a stronger recycling economy. At long last, there is a low cost way to do the right thing and recycle your manufacturing equipment and other such ewaste.

Manufacturing Ewaste

Resell, Redeploy or Donate

Other Manufacturing Equipment Recycling Options

Reselling, redeploy and even donating old manufacturing equipment to charities are all forms of recycling. If you resell or reuse or gift your manufacturing equipment it remains out of landfill sites and that’s the main mission.

Eventually your manufacturing equipment will need to be disposed of. Whatever you want to do, be it recycle, donate or recondition and redeploy we can help.Newtech can even help with just the logistics, such as the removal or transporting of your old manufacturing equipment to another location. For more info please call our sales team on: 732 564 3110.


Online Estimate For E-Waste Management


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Movie About E-Waste Recycling ICT Hardware Disposal and Hard Drive Shredding
Office Computer and Server Disposal with Hard Drive Shredding

Thinking of recycling, donating, reselling or redeploying your offices old PC’s and Servers?

Hard Drives are Purged, Blasted with an EMP, Shredded & Melted!
It's the Securest Computer Recycling
Hard Drive Data Destruction Service in the New York Metropolitan / Tri State Area
(NY, NJ, CT and PA).

Disposing of PC’s & Servers? Worried About Data Security? DON’T BE!

Call Today: 732 564 3110

The Newtech Corporate Electronics Manufacturing Equipment Recycling Program

NJ E-Waste disposal service for Manufacturing Equipment and other such E-Waste.

The Newtech Corporate Electronics Manufacturing Equipment Recycling program is leading the way in the most ecologically friendly and data secure E-Waste disposal methods deployed in the world today.  This manufacturing hardware E-Waste management service is offered to all businesses in NJ, NY, PA, CT. 

Manufacturing Equipment can be removed from your location by us or you can arrange a time to bring your E-Waste to us. The disposal of old manufacturing equipment is primarily achieved through a process that offers long-term sustainability benefits to both the economy and the environment.

To get your E-Waste recycled, call us today on 732 564 3110 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm) or for a quick on-line estimate CLICK HERE


Recycling for the New York Met / Tri State Area


If your business has old, unwanted, obsolete or just broken office equipment, industrial machinery, printers, computers, keyboards, monitors, scientific equipment, IT hardware & other such E-Waste we can help remove & Recycle it. A business E-Waste collections service is available in NY, NJ, CT and PA, please click on the counties listed opposite for more information:

  Recycling ITC Hardware for New York Met and Tri State Area
A   M
Atlantic County, New Jersey‎   Manhattan, New York
B   Mercer County, New Jersey‎
Bergen County, New Jersey‎   Middlesex County, New Jersey‎
Berks County, Pennsylvania‎   Middlesex County, Connecticut
Bucks County, Pennsylvania‎   Monmouth County, New Jersey‎
Burlington County, New Jersey   Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Bronx, New York   Montgomery County, PA
Brooklyn, New York    Morris County, New Jersey‎
C   N
Camden County, New Jersey   Nassau County, New York‎ 
Cape May County, New Jersey‎   New Haven County, Connecticut
Chester County, Pennsylvania‎   NYC, New York‎
Cumberland County, New Jersey‎   O
Columbia County, New York‎   Ocean County, New Jersey
D   Orange County, New York‎ 
Delaware County, New York‎   P
Dutchess County, New York‎   Passaic County, New Jersey
E   Pike County, Pennsylvania‎ 
Essex County, New Jersey‎   Putnam County, New York
F   Q
Fairfield County, Connecticut‎    Queens, New York
G   R
Gloucester County, New Jersey   Richmond County, New York‎ 
Greene County, New Jersey   Rockland County, New York‎ 
H   S
Hartford County, Connecticut   Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
Hudson County, New Jersey‎   Salem County, New Jersey‎
Hunterdon County, New Jersey‎   Somerset County, New Jersey
K   Staten Island, New York
Kings, New York   Suffolk County, New York
L   Sussex County, New Jersey
Lackawana County, PA   Sullivan County, New Jersey
Lehigh County, Pennsylvania   U
Litchfield County, Connecticut‎   Ulster County, New York‎ 
Long Island, New York    Union County, New Jersey
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania   W
    Westchester County, New York‎
    Warren County, New Jersey‎
    Warren County, New York‎
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